Being Cultural




OSU’s art center has been showing an Andy Warhol exhibit the past few months.  It ends in early February so I thought I’d go check it out before it leaves town.  The majority of it covered his work in film, home movies, and television, but there were some famous Campbell’s soup cans, a few Brilo boxes, and a half-dozen Marilyn Monroe’s hanging up.  I was glad I saw the print work, but I could have gone without the moving images.

Aside from that, I finally found both the black and brown pair of Sanuk shoes/sandals I’ve been looking for.  If you haven’t heard of them, I highly recommend you check them out.  They’re the most comfortable things on the planet, and for those of you who have a preppy girlfriend who thinks you need to have “boat shoes,” this will do the trick, but not make you look like a tool.  After my successful shoe hunt, I randomly stopped into Target to pick up a few grocery items.  I passed by their men’s department and noticed a few 75% off signs.  After browsing the racks, I nabbed a casual and comfortable brown corduroy blazer for a whopping $14 (plus sales tax).  Between the casual blazer and the vintage-esque shoes, I think I might almost call myself stylish.  Wait, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


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