High Fidelity


If you’ve seen High Fidelity or are slightly more cultured and have read the book, you’re familiar with the numerous “Top 5’s” the characters relay to one another.  I was thinking earlier today about my personal “Top 5” songs that I enjoy (as iTunes proudly displays your Top 25 most played songs).  Although my Top 5 doesn’t match my Top 25, I thought the results were interesting…

Top 5 Favorite Songs (no particular order)
1. Elton John – Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters
2. Rolling Stones – Beast of Burden
3. Janis Joplin – Maybe
4. Led Zeppelin – Trampled Underfoot
5. Atmosphere -Yesterday

Top 25 iTunes Most Played (in order)
5. Stereophonics – Rewind
4. Frente – Bizarre Love Triangle
3. Atmosphere – Yesterday
2. Atmosphere – You
1.Tracy Chapman – Fast Car
So what are your “Top 5” and/or Top 25?

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