Dinner & 2nd Dinner


Last night a friend of mine had a major craving for wings.  We went to BW3’s and took advantage of 40¢ Wing night.  I had eighteen (Sweet BBQ, Parmesan Garlic, & Teriyaki sauces) and she ordered six (Hot BBQ).  We devoured our wings in minutes, laughing at our waiter’s awesome sideburns all the while.  Near the end of the meal, my friend mentioned her ongoing craving for a Wendy’s frosty, a craving she had had for the past week or so.  

Being the fat-ass that I am, I suggested we make our way over to Wendy’s and pick up a couple.  Once we got there, I thought a JBC sounded good, so I added that to my order.  We ate them on the spot, and yes, they were delicious.  I was stuffed to the brim though.

That was all last night, ending around 9:30pm.  Twelve hours later, I wake up from having a dream about talking food, and I still feel full.  Today’s lunch will probably consist of a cracker or two.


One thought on “Dinner & 2nd Dinner

  1. excayousa me!? this “friend” had the huge craving for wings? don’t get it twisted! lol and i’m not doing that good of a job as your sponsor :((

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