Sandwich Goodness


Every now and again (by which I mean daily), my stomach  let’s me know (by way of massive food cravings) that it has a taste for a specific food.  The other day, I got one of these little hints (massive cravings) for a Quizno’s Prime Rib & Cheesesteak sandwich.  I happened to (frantically) do a Google search for where I might find a Quizno’s and there happens to be one just down the road from my workplace (.5 miles out of the way).  I picked one up before work today (made sure I left early enough to allow time to savor), and it was everything I thought it would be and more.  The downside:  now that I know it’s so incredibly convenient, I am sure to transfer many of my hard-earned dollars to their register in trade for their sandwich goodness.  

God, even right now one sounds good.


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