Me: 100 Things

1. Real name: Brian Daniel Fisher
2. Like it? I’ve gotten accustomed to the last, but the first two and I still have issues.
4. Zodiac sign: Scorpio
5. Male or female: Male
6. Elementary: St. Gabriel
7. Middle: St. Gabriel (1-8)
8. High: Lake
9. College: Ohio University
10. Hair color: Blonde
11. Eye color: Blueish?
12. Hair length:  Short 
13. Current worry: These days, it’s always about paying bills
14. Race: Caucasian
15. Are you a health freak: I like to think I’m healthy, but I definitely know I could do much, much better
16. Height: 5’9″
17. Do you have a crush on someone: Always.  Usually, it’s someones.
18. Do you like yourself: We have our disagreements from time to time, but for the most part we get along.
19. Piercings:  Negative
20. Tattoos: Haven’t found something meaningful enough yet, but in due time.
21. Righty or lefty: Southpaw

22. First surgery: ACL surgery on the left knee
23. First piercings: None
24. First friend: John Lamm (Kindergarten-Present)
25. First award: Bowling…3rd Grade… Most Improved.  
26. First sport: Bowling…but first real sport was T-Ball or Football
27. First pet: Skunk named Shadow, but Diesel my dog is the first that’s really “mine.”
28. First vacation: Disneyworld
29. First teacher: Mrs. Tackas
30. First crush: I’ll never admit it over the Internet, but it started in 2nd grade and lasted all through junior high.
31. Orange or apple juice: Neither
32. Rock or rap:  Depends on the mood, and the genre, but usually classic rock wins out.
33. Country or screamo: Not so much
34. Nsync or Backsteet Boys: Nsync, clearly.
35. Britney Spears or Christina Aguliera: Britney…despite her shortcomings as of late, she’ll always have something to be said for the days when “Hit Me Baby One More Time” was on TRL
36. Night or day: Night…hell it’s 11:09 and my evening is just getting started.
37. Sun or moon: Sun
38. Tv or internet: Internet.  I could easily live without TV.
39. Playstation or Xbox: I’m old school, give me a Nintendo 64.
40. Kiss or hug: Hugs for most, kisses for my mom and a special few (maybe Chris Jech, depends on how many beers I’ve had)
41. Iguana or turtle: Turtle
42. Spider or bee:  Spiders. 
43.Fall or spring:  Fall for hiking, spring because it means winter is finally over.
44. Limewire or iTunes: I’m a Mac user, I don’t need to go into this.
46. Soccer or baseball: Baseball.  It’s all about the Tribe & The Cubbies!
50. Drinking: Sam Adams Scotch Ale
51. I’m about to: Pack for Athens
53. Singing: rarely in the shower, but at the moment I’m listening to The Cure.
54. Typing: 54 words per minute, but I know I can do better.

55. Want kids? Depends on if/who I’m with.  Most likely game, provided they get her looks.  I wouldn’t want to burden them with those genes.
56. When: After I get married and am comfortable with my career, as well as have a substantial savings. Kids are expensive.
57. Want to get married:  Provided I don’t resort to a mail-order bride.
58. When: On a Saturday.  Friday weddings suck for people who have to travel.  
59. Where do you want to live: Anywhere warmer than Ohio, but still having seasons.
60. How many kids do you want: I’m not sure.  Ideally, a boy and a girl. If no kids, then always one dog.
61. Names: For some reason, I’ve always liked the name Juli for a girl.  I’m not really sold on anything yet, just as long as my potential offspring aren’t named after inanimate objects like “Apple.”
62. What did you want to be when you were little: Canadian.  I had no aspirations.
63. What do you think you’ll be doing: Teaching, or maybe working at an outfitter if I’m lucky.
64. Mellow future or wild: Mellow…it’s all about comfort.
66. Something you would never try: Drugs
67. When do you wanna die: who wants to die?  You can’t plan that.  I just make sure I look both ways before crossing the street.

68. Lips or eyes: Eyes.  You can’t get lost in a set of lips.  That’s just weird.
69. Hugging or kissing: hm.. kissing
70. Shorter or taller: Shorter, although my track record proves otherwise.
71. Tan skinned or light: I lean towards the tan side, although I don’t seem to fit that myself.
72. Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous IS romantic…true story.
73. Dark or light hair: Case by case
74. Muscular or normal: physically fit.  Take that as you will.
75. Hook-up or relationships: Relationships
76. Similar to you or different: A combo makes it interesting.

78. Kissed a stranger: Negative.  I always got a name first.
79. Drank bubbles: No..and I never ate paint chips either.
80. Broken a bone: Not yet, and I don’t plan on till I’m at least 80
81. Climbed up a tree: Heck ya.
82. Broken someone’s heart: Doubtful
83. Turned someone down: Yup.
84. Had your heart broken: Yes.
85. Liked a friend as more than a friend: I could write a book about this.

86. Yourself: Depends on the day.
87. Miracles: To some degree.
88. Love at first sight: Not so much.
89. Santa clause: No, but I believe in the spirit of Christmas.
90. Kiss on first date: Rarely.
91. Angels: I’ll get back to you on that.

92. Is there one or more people you want to be with right now: Yes
93. Who is it: Close friends
94. Like someone: I’m a social whore, I like everyone.

95. Text message: Kelli Hollern…our usual post-Grey’s Thursday evening chat.
96. Received call: Kurt Gaert…evening chat about God knows what.
97. Call made: Peanut…who I talk to about 3456345q332 times a week (Yes, I realize there’s a ‘q’ in there, but that just emphasizes that number just can’t fathom the amount we chat).

98. Facebook message: Roomie, Bratt, telling me she gave me a new nickname.
100. Last hungout with: Bratt…we sat together watching tv…computers in our laps, probably both looking at facebook.  We’re such nerds, but I love it.


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