Random Things

I’ve  been working a good bit and keeping busy, so I haven’t been on here much.  Two nights ago I decided it would be a good decision to participate in $.40 wing night at BDubs…  God I love wings.  In fact, tonight on my way home from work, I may have to throw down for boneless night.  bw3_buffalo

I’ve also been eating a lot of cheese lately.  I don’t know what the deal is, but I had nachos with cheese, cheese fries, and a cheese and turkey sandwich in the last 2 days.  I don’t even have a real craving for it, but we’ve got a good deal of it in the fridge, so I am going to down on it.


In other news, I am selling my Tarptent Rainbow tent so I can get a 2-wall tent for Diesel and I to take backpacking.  Cramming him and I in a single person tent isn’t feasible.  I am selling the Tarptent for $180 and the one I’m looking at is a Marmot Zonda 2 (pic below) for about $120.  Not a bad deal.


I also want to trade out my Marmot Precip rain jacket for a Patagonia Rain Shadow.  It’s not a huge deal and I really like the Precip, but I can get the Rain Shadow for $50 and I can sell the Marmot for the same or maybe even a little more.  The Rain Shadow just seems to be a little more structured and has a better waterproofing system.


It’s been nice out the last few days, so Diesel and I have been spending our mornings and evenings on little walks.  I found a bike path nearby and it has served the two of us well.  Now I need to pick up some new jogging shoes and then hopefully drop some of the winter insulation I’ve managed to gain.


2 thoughts on “Random Things

  1. Gold star for your accomplishment with the Bdubs food. I’ll cheer you on when you finish the 50 piece-r. :p

    The picture of the cheese/mouse is so cute and so gross at the same time! I can’t decide!!

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