More Random Survey Questions

1. I believe that my ex-es were… learning experiences.
2. I am listening to… The Who – Baba O’Reiley (Teenage Wasteland)
3. I talk… my closest friends at least twice a week.
4. I love… my dog.  Plain & simple.
5. My best friends… are my family.
7. I lost… my belief in myself.
8. I hate it when people… let go of their dreams.
10. Marriage is… probably not for me.
11. Somewhere, someone is thinking… “this (insert tasty food) would probably be better if I added ranch.”
12. I’ll always be… there to add that little bit of humor.
13. I have a crush on… ….there’s always someone.
14. The last time I cried was because… it was just a really, really bad day.
15. My cell phone is… always available.  You never know when a friend is in trouble or needs an ear.
16. I wake up in the morning… because Diesel has to pee.
17. Before I go to sleep at night… I make sure Diesel doesn’t have to pee.
18. Right now I am thinking about … the things I wish were different in my life.
19. Babies are… like fine art.  Great to look at, but I’d never hang one on my wall.
20. I get on Facebook … because it tells me the birthdate of people I don’t keep in touch with.
21. Today I… went to work, craigslisted half my belongings, and made a few phone calls.
22. Tonight I will… cuddle up with my dog and a movie.
23. Soon I will… take a day and go hiking.  I could use that.  Or spoon, that’d be nice too.
24. I really want… to feel secure and positive for a change about a number of aspects of my life.




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