Memories of OU…


Do you remember your college address? 

Freshman year – Makinnon Hall, 2nd Floor… can’t remember the room number but we were right next to the drinking fountain and the stairs.
Sophomore year- OX House: 117 East State St.
Junior year – 52.5 Franklin Ave.
Senior year- 52.5 Franklin Ave. 

(Then there was that other year… 8 First St.)

2. Ever lived off campus? Junior, Senior Year

3. Are you happy with the major you picked?  I should have gone into business or marketing.

4. Did you have one or more serious relationships?  That depends on who you ask.

5. Ever have a blowout with a roommate?  None big enough that I can remember.

6. Ever have a run in with an RA? I don’t think I even remember my RA.

7. Ever streak? Nope.

8. What were your schools colors? Green & White

9. Did you ever graduate and if so in how many years?  Standard 4 years.

10. Name 1 ritual with your friends? The spot, Golden Girls, freshman year saturday morning video games, worms, miller’s chicken.

11. Any cool concerts held at your school? Cake  and Lil’ Wayne were there, but I didn’t attend either.

12. If you could go back would you do it again? Sure.

13. Is your job now at all related to what you went to school for?  my major…not so much, a couple classes, definitely.  College as a whole I think taught me a lot about the real world.

14. Can you recite the entire Greek Alphabet? alpha, beta…. there’s a theta and a gama in there somewhere.

15. Ever skip class to hang out with your friends?  The better question is, “Ever attend class to take a break from hanging out with your friends?”

16. Did you have a pet?  Diesel dog.  ‘nough said.

17. Favorite party place? 117 freshman and sophomore year, 52 junior and senior.

18. Did you marry someone from college?  Don’t think that’s going to happen.

19. Use your leftover money for laundry or to go out?  Usually managed to snag drinks for free, so it went towards laundry.

20. Worst beer you ever consumed? Keystone… never again will I drink that.

21. Year you graduated? 2007

22. Still keep in touch with college friends? A handful.

23. Ever sustain an injury from drinking? Nothing to write home about.

24. Any regrets? Nah, I came out with a few good memories and a few good stories.


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