I’ve Been A Slacker

Moving has taken it’s toll on my blogability. I don’t have internet at home until Friday, so I’ve been forced to limit my world wide web interactions to when I’m at work and with my phone. Once I get things up and running, I’m sure I’ll have a plethora of topics to discuss, but at the moment I’m still cut off from the technological world.

In other news, I watched the debut of the Jay Leno Show last night. Not bad, although I came to the conclusion that special guest Kanye West’s hair looked like the result of a drunken fraternity party and that he is still an asshole, despite his public apology before his weak musical performance. Way to steal the spotlight from Swift, and then continue to milk it.

It’s been a small but refreshing adjustment at the new place. I think I’m going to enjoy myself there (check back with me in 6 months). I already have taken advantage of the large, open field across the street. Diesel-dog and I have spent some quality bonding time there the past couple days, playing fetch and just being awesome (him more so than me). I still wish I had a dishwasher, but what can I do. The places looks good on the whole, and almost everything is unpacked and in its place. I still need to put everything away in the desk and sort through a good bit of junk, but that is one of the few good things about moving; it forces you to clean out your life and filter the things you don’t need.


One thought on “I’ve Been A Slacker

  1. i like this post a lot! you should do more posts like this! :)
    and you’re right about moving. (although it is a rather large pain in the tuckus)

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