Jay, Twista, & Landshark Beer


After two weeks, I’ve grown to like Jay Leno’s new show.  Granted, it’s pretty much the same thing as is late night program, but what the hell, stick with what works.  Besides, when you only get broadcast (“over the air” for those of you who don’t have a degree in telecommunications and aren’t using it) channels, the options are pretty slim.  Overall though, I’m pretty happy with Jay’s work.  He’s kept “Headlines” which has always been a popular piece in the Tonight Show, and his chin is bigger and better than ever.  His jokes…well that remains to be seen.


In other news, I’ve been listening to the radio quite a bit.  Mostly NPR in the mornings for the news, and the rest of the time is while driving.  I’m a total channel-surfer when it comes to the radio, and lately I can’t go three channels without hearing Jay-Z’s newest soon-to-be hit “Run This Town” (with Kanye & Rihanna).  So far, Kanye hasn’t interrupted the playing of any other songs to say that Jay-Z has the best rap single on the market.  (Sorry, everyone is doing a Kanye joke these days, so I  felt the need to jump on the band wagon.)  The other supposed big hit I keep hearing is Twista’s song “Wetter.”  If you haven’t heard this one, I’d recommend burning your ears before you do.  If you have heard it, I’m sorry for you, and I can recommend some friends who may have extra lighter fluid or gasoline for you to drink.  Okay, that’s a little over the top, but a song devoted to the lyric “Will you be my daddy?  I need a daddy,” absolutely screams pedophilia.  Either this song was written by a selection of Catholic priests, or Michael Jackson has reincarnated as Twista’s producer.  I can’t help but feeling dirty when I come across that song on the radio.  Then again, I usually don’t change the station either.


Lastly, I gave Landshark Beer another shot after a 2 year hiatus.  I had it last while working at the bar and wasn’t impressed.  Recently, I thought I’d give it a shot again, rationalizing that maybe my taste buds for beer had softened since I’m not employed at an alcohol dispensary.  Turns out, my taste buds are spot on, and this beer still tastes like shit.  Lime or no lime, I’ll stick with Corona any day.


2 thoughts on “Jay, Twista, & Landshark Beer

  1. ahhhaha i like the joke about the “daddy” song… and um btw, did you know that it’s called “wetter”? just makes it even grosser to me lol.

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