Still no Internet. I’ve given up. I just can’t justify paying $50 a month right now, especially when I was paying $30 at my last place. Oh well, for now I’ll have to suffer with only using it at work and visiting the local coffee shops when needed. In other news, I bought a new car. Actually, it’s an SUV – which is much more functional for my lifestyle, although I’m not excited about the gas intake.

In other news, I sold a bunch of gear at our consignment sale at work, and have taken the money made from said sales and put it towards new gear. I went on a mad spending splurge this week… 1 new car, 2 new jackets, and 1 new sleeping bag. I’m super-excited for the bag and jacket combo (pictures all below). You can’t beat a 20 degree sleeping bag that weighs less than 2 lbs. And the jackets… I’ll be set for the winter and anything that Mother Nature can throw at me. Between Gore-tex Paclite and 800-fill down, my outerwear life is pretty much complete. Next big purchase… winter boots. We’ll have to wait on that for a bit though. Car payments come first.


Other than that, nothing new.


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