No Internet Make Fisher Go Crazy…


As determined as I was to get Internet and TV at my place, I still haven’t done anything about it. After a month of living without it, I’ve found that I can work around the inconvenience of having the world-wide-web at your fingertips. Granted, I do have Internet on my phone, but it is far from the most convenient way to look things up online. I don’t see this changing anytime soon, as I’m not about to pay $50 for that service. I’ll stick to using it at work, running to coffee shops, or the beloved Columbus Metropolitan Library.

As I sit here typing away (in aforementioned library), I just received an email from AT&T telling me my U-Verse bill is ready. This is ridiculous on so many levels. Namely, because I don’t even have the service. Also I spoke many, many times with customer service about this issue and they did confirm that I wasn’t on their billing list. With all the bullshit I’ve had to go through for this, I’m just shy of livid when it comes to dealing with the subject.

Work’s work lately. We’re starting to pick up a bit as the cold is coming, but it’s still pretty low-key and manageable. Tomorrow I’m going to The North Face’s Fall ‘10 line showing which should be entertaining, but the novelty of seeing what’s in store for next year “wears thin” (ba dum da) on me. It’s not like I’m going to get the gear/clothes and play with them ahead of time. Oh well, I’m still loving my Patagonia down sweater and Arcteryx rain jacket. Don’t even get me started on my infatuation with the sleeping bag. I’ve slept in it multiple times and it’s been absolutely awesome.

Observation: It’s amazing how simple things get you excited when you are living simply. I bought new chocolate borwn colored Jersey-T sheets for my bed now that winter is approaching. I’ve tried flannel sheets before, but they are just not as soft and comfortable. Granted, they last longer than the Jersey boys, but you can’t beat softness and comfort when it comes to sleeping.

About a month ago, I met with someone in the hopes that she would make a good candidate for the podcast idea. We discussed the idea and she seemed enthusiastic, but here we are four weeks later and I haven’t seen any results. I think it’s time I give up on the idea and sell the gear. I can’t justify holding onto electronics/software that isn’t being used, especially when resale value goes down every day thanks to the onslaught of updates and computer advancements. So if anyone wants any ProTools hardware/software, or some good mics, just give me a shout.

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