This Business of Speaking


I’ve been somewhat asked to speak to Ohio University’s Alpha Kappa Psi business Fraternity next week. The theme is “Young Leaders in Business. A friend of mine recommend I speak to her former fraternity, and I received an invitation via email a few days later from them.

Here’s the thing: if you know me, or if you’ve been reading this blog for a short time and you’re smart enough to catch on, I am NOT a business leader. Okay, this is usually the point where people combat that statement with, ”But you do lead, you have your own store that you run. You manage people – that’s leading.“ There’s some truth to that yes, I’ll agree. However, the challenges of my work don’t necessarily require the traits of a ”young business leader“ and I don’t feel that I am the most qualified individual to speak. There are far more interesting, more qualified young persons in business that would be better speakers for such an occasion.

So yes, if you haven’t surmised by now, I’m somewhat freaking out about this speech. I don’t mind public speaking, but I just don’t have my heart set on this one because I don’t feel I’m the one for the job. Nonetheless, I’ve got a speech to write. Suggestions?


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