Another Year, A Trip to Athens, And Some Clothes


I celebrated (somewhat) my 25th birthday over the weekend. Nothing really exciting, just a couple o’ beers and some cake at work (cake at work, not beers). After 21, birthdays tend to be a pretty chill experience. I’ve never been one for big birthdays, mostly because they were overshadowed by my parent’s divorce and their fighting. Don’t get me wrong, by no means is that a pity story, but it definitely affected the mood in the house, so consequently, I downplayed said events.


I spent the weekend in Athens and gave a speech Monday evening to fifty or so business students. I was asked to speak as a “young business leader.” Not really sure what that meant, but I decided I was going to be the fluff piece/entertainment for the evening. It went okay, but I on the whole, I was disappointed with my visit to Athens. I don’t know what happened, but I tried to call/text a good dozen people and nobody responded. Pretty weak for Athens standards, but maybe it was me. Maybe I’m just too old for that game.

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