I Is A Runnin’ Fool


Today, I ran 6 miles. It was more or less a spontaneous action, but I don’t regret it in the least. One of my co-workers (who is an avid runner) suggested I go run with her as a bit of training. I mentioned that I missed running but motivation to get back into it was a struggle. She said I could go running with her tomorrow morning. So I did.

6.2 miles later, I unofficially finished the Buckeye Classic 10k in just over an hour. Not great, but not horrible for someone that hasn’t ran more than 300 meters since June. If the motivational level continues (and the soreness doesn’t), I’ll get up Wednesday and take a crack at a 5k morning jog before work. We’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, I’m just satisfied I haven’t had to amputate a leg by the afternoon.


One thought on “I Is A Runnin’ Fool

  1. Man, I love to run, but I don’t have anyone to run with, so I tend to forget how much I love it. Your time for the 10k would be much better than mine. I might finish if I had all day, and someone riding on a lawn mower next to me, threatening a kitten.

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