Mt. Washington: First Trip of 2010

Monday night I went to my first OSU Mountaineers meeting on campus. I had heard about the group, which is comprised of OSU students and other members of the community which are interested in outdoor pursuits, however I had no interaction with them up to that point. I was interested to learn more about their organization, as well.. let’s face it, I’m always looking for other people to play in the woods with.

The meeting discussed their upcoming mountaineering trip to Mt. Washington, an adventure that’s been on my list since I began working in the industry and learning about mountaineering. Finally, here was my chance. I immediately joined in with the group and had my name on the list.

As with every trip, the proper gear makes the difference. I have a good amount of clothing and equipment for backpacking (even winter), but not what is required for the extreme conditions of mountaineering. I had researched things before attending the Mountaineers meeting, but set deadline of January gave me an excuse a reason to bite the bullet and start making the purchases. Before Thanksgiving, I bought a bunch of gear online from Mountain Hardwear. I still have some more items in the list before my first draft of gear is complete, but this should get me started, especially with what I already have in my arsenal.


Sub-Zero Hooded Jacket
Waterproof, Windproof, 650-filled goose down.

(So excited for this one)

Windstopper Flex Balaclava
Windproof, with nose cover.


Ascent Stretch Gatiers
Not sure if these are going to work as they aren’t technically waterproof, but we’ll see. If they don’t work, I’ll sell them off and trade up.


Onza Glove
Waterproof breathable, sized up for a liner.

Another one I’m not sure of as I didn’t see it in person, but it should do the job, at least for this trip.

I still need to pick up a Patagonia R1 Hoody and some Smartwool baselayers/socks, but those will come after the holiday.


2 thoughts on “Mt. Washington: First Trip of 2010

  1. I like the outdoors as much as the next non-fanatic, I suppose, but I’ll never understand people who like to be out in the cold, wet icky weather…
    …It’s a good thing that you’re that passionate about the out-of-doors- to want to be out there in the goo and rain and muck- but I’ll stay in my nice climate controlled bedroom with the cottony warm blanky until the temperature crawls out of the single digits and makes its way to a more acceptable 65 degrees. Then I’ll go climb a mountain, haha.

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