Lack of Blogification

This whole, “I still do t have Internet and I don’t foresee myself justifiably giving into Insight’s overpriced packaging anytime soon,” has taken a hit on my blogging capabilities and therefore I’m probably appearing even less I teresting than I already am. Or maybe, I’m just not able to communicate how unexciting my life is as well as before.

Either way, I’m going to make an honest attempt to post at least one or two times a week, making use of the WordPress iPhone App, all the while givig my thumbs some excercise (with all the texting I do though, I doubt they’ll need it).

So here you are, welcome to today’s first mobile blogging session.


I spent the last two days in Athens for a bachelor party. Nothing all that exciting on that front, but some future notable topics to discuss:

1. I am not a fan of strip clubs.
2. I am disappointed in those who I thought were my friends when I bartended.
3. Big Mama’s Burrito’s is one of the things I really do still miss about Athens.
4. Christmas music.
5. How I need a George Foreman grill.


One thought on “Lack of Blogification

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