Post-Holiday Bloggage

Things at work have been crazy, and when I haven’t been at work I’ve been traveling to visit friends and family. This being the case, the blog writing has suffered. Nonetheless, I’m back at it again, continuing my rant of things from earlier posts. Today’s rant: I am disappointed in those who I thought were my friends when I bartended.

I spent two years in Athens managing a bar and tending at another. One of the bars I worked at was primarily visited by college students, and I generated a tidy little sum for the bar by bringing friends in, but moreover, meeting new friends. Yes, of course I took care of my friends that I made and met with the occasional free/extremely discounted shot, beer, or drink, however I never went overboard in the process. I always made sure I made the bar money while still gave my friends a premium price. The bar did quite well the years I managed. After I left, attendance took a dive and the bar hasn’t been the same since.

Since I left, I’ve been to Athens a number of times. I’ve guest bartended at the other, local watering hole where I used to work. While in town for the weekend, I have always called old patrons, friends, etc. to hang out and catch up. Usually though, I don’t get a response or a poor excuse. It really does surprise me, not only for the fact that I saved those so-called “friends” a very large sum of money, but because I indeed thought they were my friends. Apparently though, that’s not the case. It really is a disappointing feeling and has taught me a life-lesson in who your friends really are.


2 thoughts on “Post-Holiday Bloggage

  1. Yes, I have some uber crappy friends as well. One example is that I used to visit my friend at the bar she worked at when we were in school, and usually bring a truckload of people, and often times, we’d be the only patrons in the bar, so they were making money just because we were there. However, if I had a party or and event and I asked her to come (just to hang out, not to bartend), she would always have some excuse why she couldnt, and after awhile she just stopped responding to me… So I stopped bringing my friends to her bar.

    It went out of business.

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