Pizza, Snow, Climbing, & Beer

I gave up on the list of things that I was writing about.  Besides, I don’t think people really care to know how much I like Big Mama’s burritos.  And anyway, I’d rather talk about my newest obsession… Papa Murphy’s Pizza.  Oh my god, the things I could say about my newfound infatuation.  Last night (and while I was in Knoxville for the New Year), I had the chicken, bacon, cheese stuffed pizza.  Seriously, for $12.99, it’s an awesome deal.  Being the fatty fat fat fat eater that I am, I was only able to wolf down two medium size pieces.  Even this morning, after eating two more healthy-sized portions, I still have half a large left.  Oh, and did I mention it tastes amazing too?  Well, it does – and you should go out right now and get some.

In other news, being from the east side of Cleveland, I’m used to lake effect snow and freezing temperatures (i.e. scraping the ice off my car every time I go to use it, even after a quick run to the drug store).  Columbus on the other hand, isn’t exactly used to this type of weather and the recent snows that have accumulated are throwing everyone into a panic.  Growing up, it was expected to see at least 1-2ft. at one time.  Here, they are scared of anything beyond 4 inches.  Thank god this isn’t porn.  I understand that the city isn’t as equipped as Cleveland to handle plowing the roads when said snow levels increase, however it’s the public themselves who choose to drive like idiots when the roads are not in ideal conditions.

I’m so ready for the Mt. Washington trip.  Technically, it’s only seven days away.  I’ve got all the gear and clothing (provided Patagonia finally mails me my R1 Hoody) and I have already done the shakedown.  I still need to rent crampons, but that shouldn’t be a big issue.  I’m just ready to go play in the freezing cold!

On the way back from Knoxville, I stopped at Kroger and picked up some Yingling beer.  For those outside the great state of Ohio, Yingling is not served, nor distributed in any of the bordering states of Pennsylvania, which means that if you live in Ohio, you have to drive to KY to get Yingling.  Two 12 packs and $23 later, I was (and continue to be) a happy little boy with my beer.  Thank you, Kentucky, for your contribution in keeping me from being sober.


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