Chick Flicks and Redbox

Lately, I’ve been watching a horrid amount of chick flicks. Ive scoured through my DVD collection, however I just don’t have any desire to watch the same movies for the 50th or 60th time. Thankfully, there is a Redbox just down the street from me at work, so I can conveniently pick up and drop off a movie anytime. For those unaware, Redbox is a DVD rental vending machine. Many are situated near grocery stores and offer the latest movie titles for only $1. Not a bad deal all things considered.

The selection though, didn’t spark my interest much, so I relied on checking IMDB with my phone to catch the ratings and seeif there were any movies I’m missing out on. This process ended with me renting Twilight, The Notebook, and The Proposal. Yes, at the time I was aptly aware they all fell into the category of less than manly, but at 10:00pm on a Tuesday evening, I honestly didn’t care. I just wanted to be entertained by something.


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