Mt. Washington

Oh yeah by the way, I forgot to mention we climbed Mt. Washington a few weeks back.  My laziness as a blogger coupled with the inability to post due to lack of internet has postponed this message, but yes in short – we summited Mt. Washington.

The trip was ridiculous, as in we left Friday night, drove 13 hours to the outfitter, picked up our boots, immediately changed and then began to climb.  Around 4 in the afternoon we stopped to set up camp and make dinner.  I was in my sleeping bag by 6 and asleep by 7.  Following a wake-up call at 5am, we started climbing/hiking (the terrain wasn’t much of a challenge) at 6 and hit the summit just before 10.  After an hour of gorging food and celebrating at the top, we turned around and headed back down.  Along the way, we stopped numerous times to let other climbers pass us, occasionally hitting a bottleneck, but our high spirits weren’t tainted from the delay.  After arriving back at camp, we packed the remainder of our gear and headed back down to the visitors center.  A quick change,  a return of boots to the outfitter, and a nice dinner (coupled with a few celebratory beers), and we were back on the road.  It was 7pm and we had a 15 hour drive ahead of us.  Needless to say, we were all incredibly tired by the end of the trip, but all in all it was well worth it.  I’ve been bitten by the mountaineering bug, and I don’t see a cure anytime in the near future.


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