iPad iHype

You’ve heard the hype.  You know the story.  Apple leaks ideas for a new product and the world goes crazy.  Yes, I am an Apple user.  I rock the iPhone and a Macbook Pro, but I don’t think that makes me biased.  There’s some things Apple does that I love, and others I think are stupid.  For example:  Apple TV.  It takes iTunes and brings it to your home entertainment system.  You can download movies, watch YouTube, etc.  Or, you can spend $30 and buy a cord that hooks your laptop to your TV.  Don’t have a laptop?  Buy a longer cord.  It’s not worth the money to rent tv shows and movies off Apple TV when you can buy a Netflix account for much cheaper.  Or, buy an Xbox/PS3 and use the free streaming provided by Netflix.  If you’re a gamer, you get the whole package.

But I digress.  The iPad, is another one of these inventions that I feel is a little excessive for all the hype?  Granted, I haven’t seen one yet in person, but from what I’ve read, it seems to be a glorified iPhone with a larger screen/minus the phone.  I get the benefit of the larger screen and the additional battery life, but for a person like myself, a laptop and phone are plenty.  The question lies though- for whom does the iPad fit?  Is it the uber business person that needs all three pieces of gadgetry?


2 thoughts on “iPad iHype

  1. I’m with you — Is it really worth the hype?

    I want to try one, but since I’m not an apple user generally, I don’t know if I’d be all “oooh looook at all the cool stuff it can do!”

    Although, I have to ask, Isn’t it just a giant PDA?

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