Summit On The Summit

Sunday night I hung out with some friends and watched “Summit on the Summit” an MTV documentary on a celebrity mountaineering trip up Mt. Kilomanjaro in Africa. The group climbed in orfer to raise awareness for clean drinking water for the world, but particularly third world countries.

Although the list of celebrities wasn’t what I would consider first rate, it did include Jessica Biel, Emile Hirsch, and musician Lupe Fiasco. Sponsored by First Ascent, the group was outfitted with Eddie Bauer’s new high-end equipment line. The entourage consisted of a web team, camera crews, and a flock of porters to help haul all their equipment.  The celebrities themselves were only carrying 20lbs. packs, which is far less than what a normal mountaineer carries (30-50lbs depending on the trip).  The porters carried a majority of their loads and although MTV didn’t blatantly show it, they ran ahead and set up their tents, including mess tents with full on tables and chairs.  They were incredibly grateful for their assistance, and despite their training, I’m sure many of the celebrities wouldn’t have made the summit without the assistance of the porters.

I did find it pretty cool how the celebrities rallied around one another and really joined as a team in order to accomplish their goal.  It was also nice to see how MTV put out numerous commercial spots for Pur and drinking healthy water.  Not bad all in all – at least it gets the outdoor world portrayed in a mainstream medium!


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