Playing Good Samaritan

Twice this week, I had the opportunity to play good samaritan.  Wednesday, I had the day off.  I made my way to the bank for the weekly deposit, as well as to figure out how much money I actually don’t have.  Being that this is the establishment that work banks with, I see these tellers on a daily basis, and we’ve developed a customer/teller bond.  I strolled in and was immediately greeted with a look of anguish by my usual teller.  Apparently, my banking friend had suffered a flat tire on her way in to work.  Somehow, she made her way to the bank in time, however her car was stuck somewhere on the westbound freeway, waiting for a ticket and a tow.  Unfortunately, the bank’s policy is that employees are not allowed to vacate the premises unless they clock out for lunch.  Being that she had no ride to her car (as well as no clue how to change her tire) she wasn’t able to leave work.  She called the city so as to postpone them from ticketing her for abandoning her vehicle, but there was little mercy on their end.  Anyway, I walked in to see this distraught face, and was given the update on the situation.  Long story short, I offered to change the tire, and had a co-worker drive me to her car, keys in hand.  Luckily, the change-over wasn’t too much of a hassle, and I was able to deliver the car to her local auto garage, conveniently across the street from my shop.  Yay for having the day off and the knowledge/experience of changing flat tires.

Story #2:  Friday night, my buddy Pat was in town from Cinci.  It gave me the excuse to travel across town to visit him and some other old friends.  We decided to head downtown and hit up the bar scene; an atmosphere that has been foreign to me ever since I got out of the business myself.  Downtown was hopping.  We were lucky enough to snag a patio table outside and enjoy the sights and sounds of the bar crowd.  Knowing I had to wake up early, I decided it was in my best interest to jet early.  By midnight, I had said my goodbyes and headed out the door to the car.  I was walking up the street behind two girls who were discussing what they were going to do about their car situation.  (Apparently, every female in Columbus has issues with their car.)  After semi-eavesdropping/mostly them talking half-drunk extremely loudly, I found out they had ran out of gas and were walking to a gas station.  I also gathered they were OSU students… oh boy.  Knowing this, I knew they were headed in the exact opposite direction as the nearest gas station, so I offered to help them out a bit.  Yes, adventures can be fun when you’re half-drunk, however two girls who are out in the Arena district and have no idea where they are going… probably not the safest situation.  So they took my offer and I drove them to the gas station so they could pick up a gas can and some  octane.  I know I’m downplaying this story, but they were very entertaining and very cool, and I think I still provided an adventure for them.  Hell, as we were driving up High St.  A minivan next to us had an infant riding on dad’s lap and was “driving.”  The kid looked at us at a stop light and flicked us off.  Great parenting.

So yes, this isn’t one of those posts where I tell these long, drawn out and uneventful stories in order to give myself a literary pat on the back, but more so to state that hopefully karma will pay forward the samaritan deeds I did, and someone else will benefit from the three girls’ kindness down the road.

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