Ironman 2

Warning:  I’m going to geek out again on this post, so prepare yourself.

I saw Ironman 2 this afternoon.  I was in the mood for a mid-afternoon flick, and I thought it best I catch it before it leaves theaters…. because let’s face it, I probably won’t get another day off until June.  I had limited expectations for it, being that I absolutely loved the first one, and I didn’t want to get my hopes up.  I chose the inexpensive theater down the street, mostly because mid-day showings are $4.75.  Hell, you can’t beat a movie that costs less than five bucks, even if it doesn’t mean expectations.  Luckily, this one met them.

I was really impressed that Favreau decided to incorporate the mixed story lines of the Avengers, Shield, and War Machine into the flick.  I’m pretty sure there was a glimpse of Captain America’s shield in there as well, but don’t quote me on that, I was probably texting away and didn’t have my head up in time.  Also, I loved that he snuck in “Pick Up The Pieces by Average White Band. It’s one of my favorite songs and also one of the main musical numbers in Favreau’s first flick, Swingers (also one of my top three favorite films).  The story line was pretty solid, granted this is a sequel so I didn’t expect much, but it kept my attention, mostly because it focused more on Tony Stark’s internal battle with him and the suit than just a series of high-end special effects and battle scenes (cough Transformers 2 cough).

Overall I was pretty satisfied with the movie.  When it comes out on video, I’ll probably blu-ray it, mostly because I have the first one on blu-ray, but also because that will triple my BD collection (the other being Dark Knight).  Totally makes me look like a comic book nerd (which I’m fine with), but when the price on blu-ray discs drop, then I’ll add to the mix.  In the meantime, it’ll stay pretty small.  I’ve tapered down DVD collection recently, but it still stands somewhere over 70.  I haven’t kept track in a while, and I know I’ve sacrificed some to the borrowing gods.  Since the advent of blu-ray, DVDs have gotten significantly cheaper, especially used.  I went to a still-fledging Blockbuster and was amazed at the number of $5 and $7 movies they had.  Of course, most of them were junk or old titles I already had, but nonetheless, now is the time to take the dive and pick up those films you’ve always wanted but couldn’t pull the trigger on.  Eventually, when I win/make/steal/borrow my first million dollars, I’ll swap out some old DVDs and upgrade them to blu-ray, but for now, I’ll have to settle with the non-HD equivalent.  Sorry Sarah Jessica Parker, but S&TC movie will not be seen in 1080p for a while.


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