Geeking Out

I’m not a big gamer.  I don’t like that many games, and really only end up playing a few over and over and over.  Growing up, my friends were pretty into video games, and I did my best to keep up, but I was usually the one running on the screen – trying not to get my ass handed to me.  Somewhere I still have my  Nintendo 64 (which is apparently archaic these days) from those days.

I used to have a Gamecube (only because I tore my ACL and was stuck on the couch for four weeks) but traded it in.  I loved the cube, despite it’s outdated status, but I played the games I owned so many times over they lost their challenge, and I eventually lost interest in the replay value.  When I moved to Columbus, I bought myself a Wii, but realized quickly that it isn’t that fun by yourself, and much more of a group-oriented system.  Being that I didn’t know that many people in the area, I didn’t exactly take advantage of those group-oriented features.  Plus, playing NCAA Football sucked when you had to flick your wrist to pass, kick, etc.  So soon after I left my job, I traded it in for some extra cash.

When I finally found work a few months later, the Blu-ray format had come out on top as the leader in high definition disc playing, and I decided I needed to reward myself for finding a new job (also, I still didn’t have a social life, so watching Blu-rays seemed like a decent way to pass the evenings away by myself).  I picked up a couple movies, and of course, NCAA Football.  I quickly became addicted to the latter and had a full fifteen game season in the record books after three or four days.  I also picked up Call of Duty: World At War, but was so entailed in NCAA that I didn’t bother to play much.

Soon after, life got busy and I neglected video games for a few months… until college football season rolled around again.  Then of course I got back into NCAA, but soon grew tired of the game because let’s face it – if you’re Ohio State,you can only beat Michigan so many times until it just isn’t fun anymore (for real life example see 2004-2009).  So I set the controller down, and ignored it through the holiday season.  Eventually, work slowed down and I had some free time on my hands.  I decided it was high time for me to give COD another shot.  I’ve never been great at shooting style games, but the Call of Duty series has been critically acclaimed from top to bottom, inside and out.  After four days, I had the game beat (stupid work got in the way).  I was hooked.

After I conquered World at War, I needed a new challenge.  Now let me remind you, despite this post, I’m not a gamer.  I can’t justify spending $40 or more on a video game, and have no desire to pick up new games just to be one of the first to beat them and have bragging rights.  Call of Duty was one of the first games I’ve ever beaten in less than multiple weeks.  So I debated and researched and waited around until I could find something that caught my (and my wallet’s) interest.  After a week, I happened to be in the neighborhood of a local Blockbuster Video store.  I had no idea these were even still in business, as I rely mostly on Redbox for my DVD rental fix.  Inside I found a copy of Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 2 and Batman Arkham Asylum, each for only $20.  I whipped out my phone and double checked the reviews (I’m not one for regular impulse purchases without doing some research) and price.  Not a bad deal… excellent reviews for each… might as well pick them up.  So I did.  That night, I popped MUA2 in.  Six hours later, I was almost halfway through the game and loving every second of it.  Earlier today I finished the storyline of the game, but there’s still quite a bit more extra content to see and side-missions to complete.  Yes, I’m totally geeking out right now and the nerd vein is pulsing profusely inside me, but hell, I’m enjoying myself and it somewhat makes up for my less than awesome current social life (or lack thereof).  Don’t judge me.


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