America’s Pastime

I love softball.  It’s the one thing I look forward to during the week.  I played little league for a few seasons growing up, but my coaches were horrible and it wasn’t fun.  I was basically instructed to squat real low (so I’d have a small strike zone), get walked, then steal second and third.  It was then someone else’s job to hit the ball so and then it was a race for me to beat the throw to home.  Surprisingly, it worked pretty well, but umpires were more than generous to little league pitchers and my strike zone was sometimes considered over my head.  Being that I had a bit of speed, I decided track and field was a better calling, and I quit playing ball by age 10.  At the end of high school, one of my teachers said he was looking for ball players for a summer coed softball team.  Immediately myself and three friends (along with my sister) jumped on the chance to play.  I was hooked.  I played two seasons with that team, as well as five seasons in college (both men’s and coed).  When I moved to Columbus, I didn’t know anyone and wasn’t able to join a team due to scheduling.  I didn’t play for two years and it was obvious to me how much I missed it.

When it comes to softball, I’m not competitive at all.  I could give two shits if we actually win, but regardless I’ll always try my best.  I just love being outside and playing ball.  I love the team effort, and the joking.  I love being part of something, even if it is only for an hour and fifteen minutes a week.  Strike that, if you count the drinking before/after, it ends up being four hours :)

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