Poetry In Adolescence

I spent a wild Friday evening going through an old hard drive I’ve used since high school to back up and archive everything and anything.  I found pictures from high school and college, old essays and other assignments, music I can’t believe I thought was cool at the the time, and a host of other random things.  Along the way, I came across some poems I wrote for our high school forum.  My junior year English teacher was the staff advisor for the forum, so we received extra credit if we submitted work.  Knowing full-well that I wasn’t the best student, I submitted a healthy number of poems, just to boost the grade.  I can’t tell you if any of them made it in, but here’s a few that made their way on the hard drive, ten years later.

First Date

Things didn’t go right from the very beginning,
I was so nervous; thought I was auditioning
For the main role which had finally come
But I froze in terror and I felt so dumb
The end of my first date was here
You see, I didn’t know exactly what to do
So I simply said three words; “I love you”
It freaked her out, me coming on too strong
I stuttered, stammered, trying to fix my wrong
But it was too late, the damage had been done
So I thought it best to just turn and run
My face deep red as my knees gave out
Fell into a puddle when I wiped out
I heard her laugh and looked at her smile
Thought, “Well that’s one way to go out in style”
Then she helped me up and said, “I have to tell you
You’re not the smoothest, but I do love you too”
Right then I knew that things would be all right
I walked her home and kissed her goodnight
So thanks for listening to my first date story
Before you go I’ll give this advisory
I hope your first date goes the exact same way
Because that girl I was with, I’m still with today.

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