The Love Game

A lover’s tale I have for you
One of passion, anger, and hearts held true
By the bonds of love which work in ways, mystical and magical
Strange, and risky, but rarely practical.
This tale begins with a young man’s longing
For a beautiful girl …

The pain ran down the poor boy’s face
As she told him she was sorry
But this wasn’t her place
Times had changed and things were different
He was still a good guy,
That wasn’t the case
She just needed her own time
To set her own pace
And figure things out
When the puzzle fit together
Then maybe someday
They’d end up together.
Well with a saddened heart
The boy knew her words were untrue
They would never be back together
And he’d never hear her “I love you”
He knew he’d miss
Her simple touch.
But the boy couldn’t be mad
Because he cared so much
And if that was her wish
He’d hold it true
So they parted ways
With the boy feeling blue
Later he realized
Love works in strange ways
And he’s got no control
Of the games that love plays.

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