Bluegrass & Beers

After the unwanted blast from the past, I continued to puff away on my Cuban and finished off my Yingling.  Kurt came over and we discussed the finer points of life, including said awkward phone conversation, the latest female drama in his life, our occupations and aspirations, and most importantly, bluegrass.  The show we were going to was across town at some dive bar.  The lineup included a blues band, a Jimi Hendrix cover, and the Rumpke Mountain Boys (a regional bluegrass band).  Kurt ordered a couple of pints of Angry Bastard beer and we hung out on the patio while cover-boy Jimi played.  He was decent, but he was loud and we thought it best to scope out the patio, being a nice warm evening out.  This brought about a conversation with a woman in her early thirties, discussing indie bands and the plight of the “suburban uncultured individual” (which I didn’t bother to bring up that I was from, and currently live in, the ‘burbs).  From there we moved back in and readied ourselves for the show by grabbing a table and another pint.

The show was, quite frankly, awesome.  The Rumpke boys played some fast-paced rockin’ bluegrass and brought quite a dancing crowd.  There were plenty of hippies, hipsters, and all other walks of life who were there to dance and enjoy the gig.  Ages ranged from the barely bar eligible to “the 1970s are long over man, you need to cut off that pony-tail” types.  Either way, everyone was incredibly friendly and was there to have a good time.  Midway through the set, we stepped back out to the patio to grab some air, and were kindly offered a bowl (not the cooking/kitchen kind).  Although not big into the scene myself, I appreciate the communal atmosphere.

After finishing another beer, I realized it was almost 2am and knowing I had to work the next morning, ushered Kurt and myself out of the bar.  We hit up Subway (healthy alternative) on the way home.  All in all, a solid evening.  I highly recommend checking out the RMB band.  In fact, I will probably recommend just about any bluegrass band.


One thought on “Bluegrass & Beers

  1. Sorry about the blast from the past thing. You forgot to mention that even I danced. Pretty good summation of the night btw.

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