iPhone’s iOS 4.0 & Tethering

I’m still rocking the iPhone 3GS that I picked up last June.  I debated when the 3G came out to upgrade, mostly for the added speed, but I declined, mostly because my old Edge was in great shape and I couldn’t justify the $199 price tag at the time.  When the 3GS arrived on the market, I’d had my Edge for 2 years and it was much slower than the lastest and greatest model.  Also, I found I was able to eBay the Edge and that would nullify the majority of the cost of the new 3GS.  Here I am a year later with the recent release of the new iPhone 4.  I went back and forth on picking up the new guy, mostly because it is the lastest and greatest – and I’ll easy admit I am a bit of a tech junkie.  I’ve held off thus far on going for the 4 though, mostly because the 3GS is only a year old and I can still grab onto the software update and receive most of the 4’s benefits (minus facetime, the HD camera, and the nicer screen – all things I can live without).

What frosts my cookies though, is I have to update my plan and lose my unlimited data status in order to get the tethering option.  On average, I blow through about 2.5-4 gigs a month on over the air data usage.  That’s quite a bit compared to most users, and the largest data plan that AT&T currently offers is 2 gigs for $45 (compared to my unlimited at $30).  Yes I get tethering, but at $15 more a month and a cap on data usage.  Not particularly thrilled about that, and needless to say I opted out of that setup.  I’d rather have unlimited data on a 4 inch screen then spending $65 or 75 a month to have it on a 15 inch screen.  Thank’s AT&T, next thing you know I’ll start getting dropped calls on your net…. oh wait, nevermind.

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