Unwanted Blast From The Past

Friday night, I went to a show on the other side of town, via the suggestion of Kurt.  I acquired some Cuban cigars recently, and being that I don’t have a humidor, wanted to get a nice evening smoke in before they turned.  I called Kurt to see if he wanted to partake, being that he was in the neighborhood while on vacation.  Kurt said he’d be over in a few minutes.  I grabbed a cigar and lit one up, then popped open a Yingling.  I know, not the best choose to have with a Cuban, but my selection was limited and being that Ohio doesn’t have Yingling, I thought it best to indulge in two delicacy’s for the night.  Ten seconds later my phone rings and Kurt’s name pops up on the caller ID.  I answer the phone, expecting some sort of shenanigans, but I hear a girl’s voice on the other end.  The conversation went something like this…

Me: Hey man.

Girl’s Voice: Hey… you might not remember who this is and you’re probably mad at me if you do, but I’m standing next to Kurt right now.

Me:  Okayyyy.  Who is this?

Girl’s Voice:  Well, I went to OU, we use to kinda hang out…

(I’m pretty sure I know the voice, but am trying not to admit to myself that the world is as small as it is and Kurt knows this individual, as she is someone I have no desire in ever being in contact with again.)

Girl’s Voice:  … I used to live with Sam and visited you at the bar all the time.

Me:  Amanda?

Amanda:  Yeah! How are you?!?!

Me:  I’m fine, slightly confused and apathetic, but doing well otherwise.

Let’s backtrack a moment, shall we?  I met Amanda when in the fall of my junior year of college.  I was DJing pretty frequently and she happened to be at a party I was playing.  We hit it off and we started hanging out.  This was all during my  “I’m not so much scared of girls, but rather have no idea what to do and need to be hit over the head to recognize a sign” phase.  (Let’s face it, I’m still in that phase, I just have moved pass the realization/acceptance that I’m in it.)  Anyway, we hung out a few times, she stayed over once or twice, but nothing really panned out from there and then she transferred a couple quarters to OSU.  I saw her again a year later when she came back to visit her old roommate, and we did the casual “hey how are you thing,” but that was it.

When I moved to Columbus, I got the facebook friend thing and we did the online chat just to catch up.  I was still pretty new to the area and I thought it’d be nice to meet up and say hey.  We talked a few more times and she seemed interested in the idea and we planned a date.  We got ice cream and walked around town, just catching up and enjoying each other’s company.  This time around I caught the signals that she seemed to be dropping about being single and whatnot, and I threw some out myself.  Things continued to go well and the evening progressed with us getting a glass of wine and relaxing on a bar patio.  We both had to work the next day, so that wrapped up the evening, but I felt like I received good vibes and I thought she had a good time.  Knowing that we had an interest in each other in the past, as well as there were what seemed to be obvious signs, I thought things went considerably well and there was potential for this to go beyond just two people politely catching up.

A few days later I sent her a text saying I had a good time and asked what she was doing that weekend.  No response.  Maybe I was wrong on the everyone had a good time thing.   A week after that I gave her a call, just to say hey and see if she was free.  Voicemail.  I left a casual, polite, “Hey it’s Brian, just seeing how you’re doing.  Give me a call if you’re free.” message and left it at that.  A year and some odd months later, I get this call from her on Kurt’s phone.  It turns out her new boyfriend is friends with Kurt’s friends (where Kurt has been staying) and when he mentioned he went to OU, she mentioned she spent time there, and then they played the “who do you know” game, and my name came up.

All that being said, I don’t know why she thought it was a good decision to call me from Kurt’s phone.  That obviously tells me she doesn’t have my number anymore (and yes, I deleted hers ages back), but what drives a person to make an unnecessary polite phone call to “catch up and say hey” when she and I both know neither of us really gives a shit how the other is doing.  Frankly, she had her chance (twice) and obviously chose a different path.  All in all, it was a conversation that took 2 minutes of my life away, but seriously, why bother?

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