LeGone James

I have mixed feelings about even writing this post.  I don’t want to add more fuel to an otherwise already overheated, exhausted fire.  (However, it’s my blog damn it, and I’ll bitch about whatever I feel like.)  Anyway, for those that are from Cleveland, this post hits close to home.  Otherwise, most people don’t really give a shit (unless your from Miami, at which point I won’t even be considering the existence of your city).

In truth, I’m not really a big basketball fan.  I could care less that Lebron left Cleveland for a different team, which he feels has better odds at winning a championship.  That’s his decision.  It stinks if you’re a Cavs fan, but hey, that’s the world of sports we live in.  The real issue I have, is how James decided to leave the city.  This was a spectacle and hardly a humble way to forward ones career.  After playing with Cleveland for seven seasons, as well as growing up 45 minutes away from the city, Jame’s comment that transcribed himself through the media was not at all of gratitude for the city and the people that watched him grow as a youth into a professional, it was as if he resented the area and wanted nothing to do with them.

If Lebron James had said, “The city of Cleveland and the Cavaliers have been a great family to me over the last seven years, but I think it is time I move on and seek other opportunities.  I appreciate and value all that they have given me and for that I thank them,” then I would have absolutely no issue with his move.  But creating an hour long special on ESPN to announce his team… weak LBJ.  In my book, just shave your head and you’ll have about as much circus in you as Brittany Spears.

And as for Reverend Jesse Jackson’s comments… please – verbal lighter fluid was all that was.  How’s that glass house treating you Jesse?  Care to throw some stones?


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