A Nod To Fellow Bloggers

I started blogging in 2008 while hiking part of the Appalachian Trail.  Thanks to fancy technology, I was able to send an email via my phone and it would automatically post whatever I wrote onto my blog.  This kept my mother from worrying about her son, and moreover allowed others to somewhat share in the experience that I was having.  Since then, technology has come a long way, and while I can still use that same method, I can no post pictures, videos, etc.  Post AT, I took a breather from the blogosphere until I found myself incredibly bored one day and thought blogging would provide short-term entertainment.  I really doubt anyone who reads this has an earnest interest in what I write or share, however if it puts the slightest spark in their day, then I’m content with continuing to post my nonsensical meanderings.

I don’t read many blogs myself.  I did find a couple that have entertained me and captured my interest, so much so that their latests posts get forwarded to my email inbox.  I wish I had the simplistic talent to write as they do.  Enjoy.

Tia’s blog was the first one I stumbled upon that kept me reading.  If opportunity presented itself, I’m sure I’d marry this woman (also provided her husband ‘Hubs’ wasn’t in the picture).  A San Diego based hair dresser with a keen eye for style, a snap of humor and a wit to match, she is a simple delight to read.  Check her out at Clever Girl Goes Blog.

I can’t remember who read first; if Kat read mine, or I read hers. Regardless, at this point it is ancient history.  Katrina Storm (although I was reading well before she coined her pen name) write about her daily musings, life, love, and everything else that captivates a 20-something in this day and age.  Her title speaks for itself, and her work truly is fabulous.  I have no doubt that if I lived in the same city as Kat, we would befriend one another, I’d be given some sort of nickname (as all her friends who she writes about are nicknamed), and our shenanigans would be the subjects of many posts.  She is real.  She is human.  She is Katrina Storm: Mascara and Microchips.

This is a recent entry to my blogging world.  Being a Cleveland native, I found this one and was immediately hooked.  Her descriptions of Cleveland’s hidden culture makes me homesick, but at the same time brings back great memories from my youth.  If you’re not from the Cleve, you may not appreciate it, however her writing and topics transcend beyond the bounds of the city by the burning river.  Check her out: Cleveland Love.


2 thoughts on “A Nod To Fellow Bloggers

  1. Awww! you are the BESTEST! And we would totally be friends, and you would have the 2nd most awesome nickname (I’m sorry, there’s no topping The Night Rapist). Also, I would force you to come to Trainwreck Tuesday and stay out til 3 am even tough you have work at 7. :-D

    <3 your face for this!

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