Jermo’s Wedding

After I arrived back from Salt Lake City, I turned around and drove right back to the airport to pick up Chris.  We were invited to attend our friend Jermo’s wedding in Pittsburgh that weekend.  Chris flew in from Tucson so he could meet up with friend in Columbus, and give me someone to ride with to Pitt.  We hung out that night with some old college friends that I hadn’t seen in a few months and he hadn’t seen in about a year.  Nothing too crazy, but nice catching up.  The following morning we ran some pre-trip errands and then proceeded to drive to PA with Bobcat in tow.  The road trip conversations varied from politics, what’s new with so and so, dating (or lack thereof), dating mishaps (which were plenty), and just general conversation.

We got into Pittsburgh early enough to enjoy some pre-wedding festivities with old friends from across the east coast.  I hadn’t seen many of these guys in a few years, so it was excellent to catch up and rekindle during some drunken antics (including hula-hooping).  The following day was the wedding, which brought even more out-of-towners into the mix.  Once again, it was great to see everyone, but sandwich that with a wedding of a good friend and a fantastic reception, and it was a spectacular weekend (even with all the jokes about the Browns from Steeler fans).


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