Much To Say About Nothing

I’ve been MIA for what has felt like quite a while lately.  Maybe it’s just a mental absence, or maybe it’s because many other things have been moved to the forefront of my thoughts lately.  Thanks to a post referencing the word “hipster,” I’ve seen a jump in the number of hits.  I’m glad to see that pop culture buzz words still win out as trending topics.  Here’s some other ones for you:  vote, chilean miners, blog, south park, jersey shore, bieber, iphone, and our old favorite: Obama.

Part of the above mentioned blog withdrawal has been due to the lack of interest in visiting the local Caribou.  They’ve had a good bit of turnover in staff recently and the new employees aren’t nearly as nice or outgoing as the old crew.  The former staff would hang out and talk with you or at least ask how your day is going and pretend to show genuine interest in what was going on in your life.  This new group is comprised mostly of out of work twenty-somethings and high school kids who spend more time on their phones then aware of their surroundings.  Listen to me, I sound like an old man.  Next thing you know I’ll be writing about social security.  Just wait about 40 years.


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