The Technological Loss of My Life

Where to begin, where to begin…

Sometime last weekend, my computer was stolen.  I should preface this explanation with the simple fact that my computer  Period.  I have everything on it; music, movies, books, email, personal records, financial information, work information, programs, ideas, designs, photos, etc.  You name it, and it was stored there.  I even backed all the vitals up on a little 520GB hard drive that was stored in the same book bag as my laptop in case it crashed. (Notice I wrote ‘crashed,’ not stolen.)

Saturday night, I had my computer with me at work.  I left work with the laptop bag slung over my shoulder.  I was planning on meeting some co-workers at the rock climbing gym, but I wanted to stop home and get my gear/let the dog out first.  I arrived at my apartment and literally ran from my car to the front door of my place, thinking that Diesel is excellent at turning his bowels, so this shouldn’t take long at all.  He was ready for me at the door, so I grabbed his leash and clipped him in.  He ran out the door and immediately focused on doing his business.  I waited for only a minute or two and then back inside he ran.  After I unclipped him, I walked to the laundry room, grabbed my gear, and then turned the outside lights on.  I locked the door behind me and headed to the car.

After hitting the gym I drove straight home, as it was already past 10 and I was exhausted.  When I grabbed my rock climbing bag out of the back seat, I thought to myself, “Hmm.. I must have already brought my computer in the apartment,” even though I didn’t specifically remember it.  I brushed it off and went inside.  After the usual Diesel greeting of licks and then sticking his frisbee in front of my face, I walked around the place looking for the bag.  It was nowhere to be found.  I brushed it off on the idea that I left it at work and I’d check in the morning, especially since I was in such a hurry to leave and get home to let the dog out/get the gear.

The next morning, I went to work early to search for the computer.  I checked every place I could think of, but it wasn’t there.  I even went as far as texting my co-worker who I worked with the night before to ask if she remembered whether or not I had left with it.  She confirmed my suspicions and said I had.  Damn it.  Where was the thing?  Once work opened, I got things settled and then drove back home to search again, this time tearing the place apart.  Recklessly.  After looking in every place I thought it could be, and even in ridiculous places like under the kitchen sink, I gave up.  Angered that I had no idea where it was, considering how frequently I use it and how important it is to my everyday life.

I drove over to the rock gym and retraced my steps just in case.  I spoke with my buddy who works there, checking to see if he recollected me bringing it in, which I didn’t, but asked just the same.  Yup, he never saw me walk in or leave with it.  Nope, no history of break-ins or anything like that in their parking lot. Shit.  I drove back to my apartment and searched again, thinking maybe I overlooked it or something borderline ridiculous.  No luck again, and so I conceded to calling the police to file a report based on stolen property.

After running through things in my head over and over again, I distinctly remember locking my car door, but that’s the only explanation I can think of as to how it suddenly disappeared.  I will easily admit I don’t live in one of the nicest neighborhoods, as I’ve already had my GPS stolen in a smash and grab.  I know other tenants have  had similar problems too, including a busted car door and missing laptop, although that gentleman left his sitting in his back seat in plain view overnight.  Mine was tucked away in my book bag.

The police came and I explained everything to them.  They were helpful but told me not to remain optimistic.  Theft of that nature is usually a crime of opportunity and not something that goes beyond that.  They recommended I see if I could retrieve the serial number of the computer, on the outside chance it shows up at a pawn shop.  The next day, I was able to run up to the Apple store and spoke with an acquaintance there who helped get my receipts from the original purchase.

So here I am, without a laptop, a 520GB hard drive with all of my music, my work information, and a host of personal information including a digital copy of my birth certificate, roaming around in the world without me.  Whoever had the nerve to steal the damn thing better  initiate world peace or cure cancer with it, otherwise I won’t be able to justify it’s theft.  And even if he or she does said miracle(s), they are still going to be considered an asshole in my book.


One thought on “The Technological Loss of My Life

  1. LAME! If I find them, I’ll beat them up. Sorry for your loss.

    If it makes you feel any better, my car was broken into so many times the lock on the drivers side door is officially permanently damaged. Though, the only thing that was ever stolen from me was $20, some books, pens, markers, and about 100 CDs. I think I’d shit a chicken if someone stole The Pink Demon.

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