Why I Hate Windows

If you recall, back in November, I took place in a Black Friday computer shopping spree.  I ended up purchasing a computer for my mom.  Here we are a month later and I’m home to visit for Christmas.  She has yet to take said computer out of the box.  As she timidly explained, she’s intimidated to set up her wireless.  (We never even covered how to encrypt it.  That can wait until I get home.)  So, today I busted out the new laptop and router.  I got everything plugged in and the router running flawlessly.

I moved on to the laptop next, setting up the basic login information for her, giving her a login name, password etc.  After that, it all went downhill.  Once it loaded, I was sacked with three different pop-ups about how great Best Buy is, how great Norton is, and how easy and simple Windows 7 is.  After removing the annoying pop-ups, I started installing iTunes.  After downloading and running the 64-bit setup file, I got an error message, telling me I needed to install Apple Application Support.  Now in fairness, I don’t know whether to blame Apple or Microsoft, but somebody screwed up.  I should be able to download iTunes on a brand new machine without having any issues.  Strange.

Rather than starting an Internet goose chase, I uninstalled iTunes and decided to deal with it later.  With the next option being Windows Media Player, I began copying music from a flash drive onto the new computer’s “Music” folder on the hard drive.   After playing the first song, I quickly found out that WMP automatically “adds your song to the library (even though said song was already in the library).  This is about the point at which I said, “Screw it,” and closed the damned thing down.  Ironically, the first song I play on my new technological nemesis; “Happy Christmas, War Is Over”  by John Lennon.


2 thoughts on “Why I Hate Windows

  1. I’ve never had that many problems with windows, save for The Pink Demon, but I’m convinced that was just a shitty computer. The one I have now is aaamaaazzzzing, despite how much abuse I put it through.

    Maybe I’m just lucky.

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