New Hampshire


That plans have been laid out.  I’m headed to New Hampshire for a week to climb Mt. Washington (and hopefully another peak or two).  Originally, I was going from Saturday the 12th to Wednesday the 16th, however my buddy and his friend are going up the Thursday before, and asked if I could join.  Thanks to some luck with logistics, I was able to say yes.  The current agenda is I’ll drive up  to NH with group 1 Thursday.  We’ll leave at noon and drive through the night, arriving sometime in the wee hours of Friday morning.  We’ll catch a few hours of sleep, and then hit the outfitter when it opens to get our boots.  From there, we’ll drive to the vistor’s center and change into our climbing gear.  We’ll climb until we hit Hermit Lake’s shelter, where we’ll stay the evening.  After a warm cooked meal and a gear check, we’ll get a good night’s rest in the single digit temps.  When 6am hits, we’ll be up and moving, ready to continue our climb.  We should hit the summit between 9-10am, and hang out on top for an hour or so.  We’ll then head back down, picking up our tents and bags along the way.   We should be back in town, celebrating a victorious climb at a bar by 7pm, and after which, group 1 will leave for Ohio and I’ll stick around until group 2 shows up.

Group 2 is driving up all day Saturday and should arrive between 7-9pm. We are staying at a hostel the first night, so it will be a perfect time to do a gear check.  We’ll get a good nights sleep and then head out Sunday to do a practice run on a smaller mountain, letting everyone get a chance to walk in crampons, practice self-arrest, and make any adjustments they need to along the way.  We’ll camp outside that night and then Monday morning we’ll begin our climb, but on a different route than group one chose.  Instead of staying overnight, we’ll do the whole thing in one shot, making for a long day.  If the weather looks rough, we’ll wait it out for Tuesday, and try then.  Wednesday we’ll drive back to Ohio, this time I’ll be riding back with group 2.

Lots of logistics involved; what route, what time, what gear is being split and shared, etc.  Part of the fun is the climb, but also the planning.  I love pouring over gear, watching forecasts, and of course, the celebratory beer after.


Mt. Washington Summit Conditions:
Current Summit Temp: 10 degrees F
Current Wind Speed: 9mph
Current Wind Chill: -2 degrees F




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