Netflix & Streaming

I recently made the investment to get Netflix.  Since I still don’t have Internet at my place, I’ve neglected picking up such a service as I would not be able to take advantage of the Instant Play option.  Paying $10.00 a month didn’t seem worth swapping DVDs in the mail a few times a month, so I’ve been putting the idea off.  I did realize a few weeks ago that I can download Netflix to my phone, which pushed me over the edge and I decided to try the service free for a month.

Three DVDs, one Blu-ray, and a slew of Instant Views have made me a believer.  With the purchase of an HD adaptor cord, I’m able to hook my phone up to my TV, using the phone’s wireless signal to stream movies and TV shows.  I’ve watched the last 5 seasons of King of the Hill, a dozen movies, and the first & second season of the Office – all in two weeks.  To date, between texts, the Internet, and Netflix, I’ve used 8 gigs of data on my wireless plan.  Thank God I have unlimited data.  At least I know I am getting my money’s worth.

If you’ve read some of my posts in the past, you’re well aware I’m an avid Apple user and a huge iPhone fan.  the ease of Netflix and the quality of streaming over the 3G network (even though it is AT&T) impress me.  I’m planning on moving next month, and with that move I will have high-speed Internet at home, but I doubt my phone streaming will decrease.  We will have a Playstation 3 with Netflix on the main TV downstairs, but up in my bedroom I’ll use the TV adaptor cord out of convenience, not to mention while traveling to New Hampshire.


One thought on “Netflix & Streaming

  1. I heart netflix. I’ve learned about so many movies I never would have discovered if I hadn’t used their service. I’ve never talked to someone who didn’t like it. It sure beats the video stores here, which had a crappy selection and surly employees.

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