Mt. Washington: The Return

Here we are again, just over a year later driving to New Hampshire to climb Mt. Washington. This will be my second time heading for the summit, however I’ll be spending a week there, shooting for three summit attempts. I feel much more prepared and equipped compared to last year. I know the mountain, I’ve been to the top, and I have better gear.

I’m traveling with two teams; one summit with a group of three other guys, and the other two attempts with three co-workers. Both teams are solid, with experienced members from both parties. The logistics have been cumbersome, especially in light of moving to a new apartment earlier today. Both moving and the trips have presented challenges with diving gear, scheduling, etc.

Right now the first group are traveling north on state route 71 toward Cleveland. We’ll be on the road for the next 13 hours, crammed amongst snacks, energy drinks, and gear. The plan is to drive through the night, arrive early in the morning, check into the hotel, pick up our rented boots, rest up, then wake up at 2am on Saturday to climb.


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