The Drive

I took the 1:15am to 5:30am driving shift this morning. Brandon drove the first six hours and did an excellent job. We made it just south of Albany, NY before we needed gas; a perfect time to swap drivers and take a rest. I was able to grab an hour of sleep earlier, so I felt good about taking the wheel.

Thanks to two Monster Javas, the drive was pretty smooth and I was able to stay awake. I made it to central Vermont before I started to crash. Meanwhile, the GPS took us through the backwoods of Vermont, where there happens to not be a single gas station open 24 hours.

At about 1/8th above the quarter mark, I warned Brandon who had just woken up from a nap in the back seat. Groggily, he took his phone/GPS and tried to find the nearest gas station, but with no success. We continued twisting and turning on the back roads, following semis and cargo trucks, constantly keeping an eye out for a gas station. Subtly, we checked amongst one another to see who had AAA. Eventually, with less than 1/8th of a tank left, we found a gas station and I was relieved of my driving.


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