Morning Of The Climb

Its 2:30am and I’m wide awake. The rest of the group has yet to awaken, as our scheduled plan doesn’t call for us to get ready for another half hour, but I can’t sleep any more. The weather looks promising. It’s cold of course, but low winds should make our ascent much easier than we originally anticipated. There is a chance of flurries, but not enough to affect our climb. Granted, weather predictions are only predictions, and are about as useful as old, outdated calendars.

I feel ready….prepared. I’m excited, but with the prior weeks of planning and coordinating behind us, it’s surreal that we’re finally here and about to begin the climb. As usual, I’m a little nervous that I’m not going to make it up. That maybe I’ll give out or something, but I know it’s just pre-climb jitters. My pack weight is less than last time, I trained more (although admittedly not enough), and I have the benefit of experience on my side.

Groggily, the rest of the boys are starting to wake up. Time to eat, dress, and make any last minute adjustments to our packs. Onward, and upward!


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